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Education and Training

industry worker

Higher Education Institutes

Click here to get a list of higher education or specialized trade training available in the Clark County area.  

Financial Assistance​

Click here to learn more about financial assistance and how to apply for it. 

Unemployment & Training

Commissioner-Approved Training

For eligible laid off workers to collect unemployment without looking for work while attending full time training.

Self Employment Assistance Program

For eligible laid off workers to collect unemployment benefits while participating in an approved entrepreneurial training program.

Trade Adjustment Assistance Program

Loose your job or hours cut due to foreign imports or shifts of US production? This program offers training and financial support to help trade workers return to suitable employment. 


Training Benefits Program

Extends unemployment benefits and waives job search while in training.


Worker's Retraining

Did you lose your job due to economic changes and are on Unemployment? This program will help pay for training expenses at colleges, technical schools, or private schools. 


Accessing Union Apprenticeships 

Oregon and Washington union trades work with K-12 schools to promote STEM and other trade initiatives. 


National service dedicated to community service in various ways. Monthly stipend is offered as well as an education award at the end of service.

Ticket to Work

A program for those on SSI or SSDI and want assistance to go to work or earn more money. 

The Val Ogden Center

Assists individuals with job assistance, job training, free computer lab, and educational assistance. 

10201 NE Fourth Plain Blvd

Vancouver, WA

(360) 253-4036

WA State of Labor & Industries

Resources and list of apprenticeships available. Get paid while learning skills, knowledge, and abilities in a new career. 

WOIA Title 1

Job coaching, training opportunities, support services for employment, and on the job training. 

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